Beyoutiful Beginnings will ensure your beginning is a beyoutiful one.

Susan Ramroop, WPICC, is the founder and head certified wedding coordinator of Beyoutiful Beginnings. Her passion for making others happy and her spark for creativity is what drives every event. Like most wedding coordinators, Susan began planning weddings and events for family, but what truly sets Beyoutiful Beginnings apart from others is their ability to turn your dream event into a reality. Specializing in cultural-specific events, Beyoutiful Beginnings will ensure every detail is met to a tee.

With a background in Marketing and business, Susan's keen eye and attention to the need of everyone involved is what makes every event a beautiful one.

Beyoutiful Beginnings is lucky to have its own cake specialist on board. Sabrina Bineesari owns and operates Angelic Cake Designs from her home in Brampton, Ontario. Angelic Cake Designs was created out of a true love for baking, which originally started in 1996 as a hobby of making friends and family special occasion cakes. Over the years she has been inspired to do more elaborate and extreme cakes. After working in a local bakery, self teaching and creating numerous cakes for family and friends, she decided to venture into the world of wedding cakes. Sabrina's passion for cakes will ensure that your ideas come to life for your special day. Check out the gallery for her current designs!

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