Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Inspired Wedding

May 08, 2013
Susan R.


The weather has been amazing these past couple of days and all I am craving is chocolate. So I thought…how about an ice-cream inspired wedding? I absolutely love love love the chocolate peppermint combination. It’s indulgent with a hint of freshness. It also doesn’t hurt that mint is one of the trendiest colours nowadays.



This dress from Vera Wang is absolutely stunning. It is soft, delicate and romantic. More and more we are seeing brides daring to wear a non-white wedding gown. Mint is a good colour because it is different without losing the traditional essence of a wedding dress.

Because the dress is strapless you can pair it with chocolate coloured accessories, such as a sepia brown pearl statement necklace and keep the earrings simple.

bj4 bj3


For bridesmaid dresses we suggest a mint dress with a chocolate brown belt like the ones below.


In terms of décor these colours represent freshness and nature. Therefore this combination is ideal for garden weddings, outdoor weddings and nature-centric weddings. But these colours are versatile and works in other settings as well.  The picture below is a great example of what an outdoor reception could look like.

bj6Wedding invitations are also a great way to showcase your theme and/or colours. Press printing is very trendy, and the texture matches the ‘crunch’ of the ice cream.



Wedding favours

You can put mints or chocolates or even better…chocolate bonbons with  peppermint filling! Another option is to put a cupcake in an ice cream cone.

 bj8 bj9

And talking about food, here are some gorgeous wedding cakes. The first one is elegant and classic. The second one is ideal for your outdoor wedding. The third one is funky and fun. The benefit of these colours is the versatility, it suits every personality and adapts to every theme!

bj19 bj20 bj21


And now, the finale! What better way to end this theme but with ice cream. Serving ice cream as a midnight snack is the perfect sweet ending of an amazing day!


Happy Planning 🙂