Digital Wedding Invitations

Feb 26, 2013
Susan R.

One of the biggest wedding trends of 2013 is going green. Have you ever thought about having digital wedding invitations vs. paper cards?
I met a vendor last week, My Digital Wedding, that reintroduced me to this topic and I absolutely love the idea!


You may be thinking, “will people think I am cheap because I don’t want to send out an actual card?” Not anymore! These invitations can be customized, and you have 1000’s of designs to choose from.

The cool thing about this is that it allows you to upload pictures as a slideshow and allows you to tell your story-something that you can’t really do on paper without making it lengthy and costly. You also have the option to send out your save the dates and thank you cards, which saves you tons of time!

Using digital invites also allows the card to be you. Yes you can have any card designed the way you want it to look, but can you also stream your wedding live on the day of, or have guests upload pictures to your unique page? No! Imagine being able to share your wedding with those who cannot make it, especially those who are overseas? Vendors like My Digital Wedding also give guests the option to print the invites once they receive them so that they can still carry them around on the day of.


Overall, digital invites allow you to save costs, time, and trees! I highly recommend that you explore this option. Even if you are not on budget, it’s a cool new trend that is making its way into the wonderful world of weddings!

Happy planning 🙂