I’m Dreaming of a White…Wedding: The Full Package!

Dec 26, 2013
Susan R.

Once a theme has been chosen it is so important to make sure you stick to it and follow through! This means identifying what it is you wish for your guests to take away from the wedding, identifying WHAT your theme is, and determining HOW you will carry that theme throughout your big day. Those who are loyal to their theme will go to any extent to make sure that their wedding day is complimentary in every aspect. This includes anything from food and beverage, wedding décor, and even hair and make up.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your white & gold wedding theme thorough and consistent!

The invitation is a crucial component of your wedding day. Not only does it identify the theme, it builds anticipation and expectations for your big day.


Cocktails are a great because they not only provide a source of entertainment for guests, they also allow for endless opportunities to suit your wedding theme.


Food tends to be served to guests on-going throughout the event… So be consistent! You would be surprised what a little creativity and thoughtful planning will provide.

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Accessories, accessories, accessories… any bride, who is a bride, will acquire a keen eye for detail on their wedding day! This goes down to anything and everything from napkins, glassware, cutlery, chairs, and even shoes and jewelry!




Most importantly, the bride needs to look good and compliment the theme. Although gowns are traditionally white, the detail does not stop there. Add a touch of white and gold to hair, make-up, and even your nails to really wow your guests and remain loyal to your theme!

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Happy Planning 🙂