4 Chic Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Mar 21, 2013
Susan R.

Earth Day is coming soon and we have joined this movement to show you how you can have an eco-friendly wedding and still be chic!

1. Invitations

If you think about it there are many invitations that need to be sent before the wedding: save the date cards, engagement party, bridal shower, dinner rehearsal, etc. That’s a lot of paper! But thanks to technology we are not limited to paper invites. One alternative is to send e-invites which are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of social networks. Paperless Post, Greenelope, and My Digital Wedding are three great options that allow you to customize your invitations to suit your theme!

However if paperless is not your cup of tea you can also use recycled or environmentally friendly papers. The Green Bride Guide offers many inspiration ideas and options to choose from.

2. Centerpieces

When we hear the word ‘centerpiece’ we immediately think of flowers. Think outside of the box! Does it fit your theme to have flowers as the centerpiece? For instance if your theme is a Winter Wonderland, you can use candles, white feathers, white beads, etc. instead of flowers. Below are three examples from Atlanta Bridal.


But if having flowers for your wedding is a must, than go for seasonal and local flowers since they are not imported from abroad, thus reducing carbon footprint.

3. Wedding favours

This is where you can get super creative! I found this awesome idea from Wedding Girl. It says “please plant a tree (one per family) and watch our love grow”. How cute is this?


4. Food

Serving seasonal and local foods is not only better for the environment but it can also help you save money because it will cut down transportation costs. Plus fresh food always tastes better! Some catering companies tailor their menus according to the season. Also, renting china is better for the environment than buying disposable cutlery, plus it looks fancier.

However if you are choosing to use disposable cutlery there are environmentally friendly dinnerware. Companies such as Grass Roots Store and Greenmunch have many products that you can use for your wedding such as straws, paper bags, and dinnerware.

Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice stylishness for a ‘greener’ wedding.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside of the box and be more eco-friendly. The key is in doing your research and unleashing your creativity.

If you need a helping hand or more ideas just email us!

Happy Planning 🙂