12 Days of Inspiration-Day 3: Make Your List…Check it Twice…Invitations!

Dec 12, 2012
Susan R.


You have the ring, planning has started…next step…make your guest list and send out your invites! There are so many creative ways to put a holiday twist on your invites!

If you are going to be sending out Save the Date cards around Christmas, why not send it as part of your annual Christmas card? Think about it, you can wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas, and tell them you’re getting married-all in one!

One of the most creative ideas that I absolutely love is using a Christmas bulb as your invitation. There are different ways that you can do this, but you can have the date and a design printed on the front, and then use bulbs that open so that you can roll up the information to go inside, or, fill the inside with swirls of paper that have your date on it, and use it alongside a card invitation.

Another idea is to make your invitation look like a letter to Santa, and make it your “Christmas Wish” to have your guests attend your wedding.

For those of you who love the movie, Nightmare before Christmas, you could put spin on Christmas and make this your entire theme!

Lastly, you could wrap up a card invitation to make it look like a gift, or, include Christmas cookies that have the date written on them and give your guests a fancy treat.

Check out my Pinterest board for more details!


Merry Planning 🙂