12 Days of Inspiration-Day 8: Flowers!

Dec 20, 2012
Susan R.

So you may be thinking, “It’s wintertime, where am I going to find flowers now?” Well, lucky you! There are so many options that you can use that you may have never even thought of. Here are a few ideas:

  • Some of the flowers that  are in season during Winter that you could use include roses, white stephanotis, poinsettias, holly, camellias, and amaryllis flowers
  • Use all white roses and add in diamond pins or crystals for that Winter Wonderland feel
  • Use poinsettias and add some bling to it!
  • Sprinkle fake snow on your flowers
  • Make a bouquet out of pine combs. You can even spray paint these with gold and glitter to make them pop!
  • Make a modern bouquet using items such as buttons, pins, etc. to create an old vintage looking bouquet
  • Use a mixture of white, ivory, and blush flowers for a soft Winter look
  • Use deep red roses and mix it with poinsettias to create the Christmas vibe
  • Throw in some fake berries or feathers to your bouquets
  • Be completely out-of-the-box and create a bouquet out of candy canes and ribbon!

Check out my Pinterest board for more details!


Merry Planning 🙂