12 Days of Inspiration-Day 10: Unique Stations!

Dec 22, 2012
Susan R.

Another trend that is becoming quite popular is to have various food stations set up either as a midnight buffet, or during cocktail hour. Here are a few unique ideas that will melt your guests’ taste buds!

  • Hot Chocolate Station-fill mugs or containers with hot chocolate mix, another one with marshmallows, and another container with candy canes, and voila! You have yourself an easy DIY station that will warm your guests’ hearts
  • S ’mores Station: All you need are graham crackers, chocolate squares, and marshmallows. You can either have someone help your guests’ make them, or set up the materials, have the guests put them together, and then have someone stationed to heat them up!
  • Espresso Station: Setup various coffees and teas, mixed with cookies, biscotti, and a variety of desserts
  • Chocolate Station: Use a chocolate fountain, chocolate cookies, cake, etc. A neat idea here is to have shot glasses filled with milk, and have a chocolate chip cookie placed on top of it. A treat that will take your guests back to the days of dunking their cookies in milk!
  • Classic Candy Station: Depending on your theme, you can create a vintage candy station, or a modern station filled with Christmas candy in a variety of glass vases
  • Chocolate Fondue Station: Instead of dipping bread, dip some chocolate. You can wrap hot chocolate on a stick and have your guests dip this into hot milk.

If you have a sweet tooth, check out my Pinterest board for more details!


Merry Planning 🙂