5 Places to Find Inspiration for your Wedding

Apr 03, 2013
Susan R.

So you are engaged…and now what? Planning your wedding can be overwhelming. But this is why you have people like us, to guide you through every step of the process. The first step is to find inspiration and start brainstorming ideas for your wedding. Here are five places to help you get started.


1. Pinterest

Creating a Pinterest board for your wedding is a must for every bride. It is very easy to use and there are thousands of images to choose from to suit any wedding. You can create a board based on a theme (e.g. Rustic French, country chic) or on a colour (e.g. Tiffany blue). Here is an example of a peacock themed wedding we have put together.

 5 places


2. Wedding Websites

Martha Stewart Weddings is one of my favourite websites and I go there almost on a daily basis. Other sites we recommend are Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake and The Wedding Ring (bonus points for being Canadian! Yay!) They all have new articles and ideas everyday so you are up to date with the newest trends. They also offer wedding tools and resources such as a list of vendors available in your area to facilitate the planning process.

3. Wedding Magazines

Although there are many great online sites out there sometimes you just need to have an actual image on paper in front of you.  Magazines are a great place to find unique and creative ideas. They also offer advices and recommendations on different vendors. Some magazines we love are WedLuxe Magazine, Perfect Wedding Magazine and Today’s Bride. You can cut images from the magazine and create a wedding inspiration scrapbook and/or board.

4. Bridal Shows

Attending bridal shows is also a good way to connect directly with vendors (caterers, florist, DJs). The larger wedding shows normally occur in January and September, but there are other ones in between. Some cater to a wide audience, while others target specific cultures such as the BLISS Wedding Show on April 21st that is designed for South Asian Weddings. When people ask me if it is better to go to the larger ones or the smaller ones, I say both. If you are just browsing, the larger ones offer many ideas, but the smaller ones offer a more intimate space to talk to vendors and is less overwhelming.

5. Us

Last but not least here at Beyoutiful Beginnings we want to make your wedding less stressful and more enjoyable.  This is why every weekday on our Facebook Page we have inspiration ideas for all types of weddings as well as blog posts and V-logs.  From weekly facts from around the world to DIY projects to WOW centerpieces, we have you covered!


We hope that you have gained some tools and resources to help you plan your wedding. And remember, if you need us we are just an email away. And for even more ideas sign up for our newsletter here!

Happy Planning 🙂