Say Yes on the Most Romantic Day of the Year!

Feb 05, 2014
Susan R.

So we agree that everyday should be like Valentine’s Day, but, there’s that extra sentimental value that comes along on this day each year. Whether or not you think proposing on Valentine’s Day is cliché, there’s always something that melts every girl’s heart on February 14th. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate alongside your Valentine’s Day celebrations!

1. Roses – Every girl loves roses! If you want to keep your proposal simple, plant the ring within the roses for her to spot!


2. The Disguised Box – Just like roses, another common gift for Valentine’s day is a box of chocolates and jewelry. Why not jazz things up a bit and hide the ring within the box itself. She’ll be in for a sweet treat!

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3. For the Creative Guy – Store bought gifts are nice, but girls really love when their loved one puts thought into something sentimental. Make your own love coupons with things such as “Free dinner”, “Free car wash”, and end it off with a coupon that says “Marry me”. If you’re feeling extra creative, use a deck of cards and proclaim your love on each, with the last one asking her to marry you.

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4. Kicking it Old School – Remember the days when we used to write notes to each other? Take her down memory lane and write her a note giving her the option to check off yes or no!


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Happy Planning 🙂