5 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect First Dance Song

Apr 03, 2020
Susan R.

Choosing a first dance song is not an easy task if you don’t already have a special song that you share as a couple already. It’s one of those songs that you want to remain timeless and symbolic. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right song that will create a lasting memory for you:

1.     Start by narrowing down a genre that you both like
One of the easiest things to do first is to determine what genre of song that you both want. Do you want to do a combination of songs from different genres? Do you want to do a mix of slow and fast songs? Visualize how you see the two of you dancing together and this will lead you towards the right direction.

2.     Think of Memorable Moments
Was there a memorable song that played during your first date, kiss, or a special moment throughout your relationship? Take a trip down memory lane and relive these moments to see if anything sparks.

3.     Use YouTube 
Can’t think of a memorable song? Write down what has made your relationship so special. Throw those keywords into YouTube and see what pops up!

4.     Hire a Dance Instructor
Do one of you have 2 left feet? Not to worry! Consider hiring a dance instructor. Let them figure out how best the two of you move together, and use their direction to help you pick a song that has a melody that you both can rock to!

5.     Talk to you DJ/Band
If you’re really stuck, talk to your DJ. Have a discussion with them on what you like and dislike. They can make you a unique mix that’s personalized to you!

Written By:
Susan Ramroop, Beyoutiful Beginnings
Rominder Saini, Flashing Lights Photography

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