Be Bold & Beyoutiful!

Nov 07, 2013
Susan R.

Today, women are more outspoken and powerful than ever before. Being bold and beautiful in today’s modern society takes on a whole new meaning. Now we are not just seen, we are heard… and quite loudly at that. So with this new shift in standards there are certain questions we must ask ourselves, including: what traditions do we keep intact and which ones to we look for new ways to improve on?

Well ladies, let’s start here shall we… White is out, and colour is in! Yes, a white wedding gown is traditional, beautiful, and elegant, but is it truly reflective of your personality? Now is the time we stop thinking about what is expected of us, and doing what we truly feel good about!

Do you have a bold and outspoken personality? Why not shock your guests with a stunning gown… in Red! This is most definitely a drastic change, but why not give it a chance? After all, red is the colour of good luck and fortune in the Chinese culture.


Perhaps you do not want to make such a dramatic impression, but you are still looking for ways to liven up your gown with some pastel colours. Try a classic white gown with coloured mesh along the bottom!


Pink isn’t just for the bride’s maids anymore… Take back the show with a gorgeous baby pink gown.


Whatever you decide, ensure that it is reflective of you!

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Happy Planning 🙂