The Ideal Proposal!

Oct 31, 2013
Susan R.

There is always hype over the planning of a wedding. What is the date? How many guests? What venue will you choose? Of course your wedding day is important, it is the biggest day of your life! But what about the events leading up to the big date? Your loved one will be telling the story of how you proposed to friends, family, and just about anyone that will take the time to listen! So make it count, there is nothing too extravagant that you can do to impress your lady when you get down on one knee and say those four important words “Will you marry me?”

Whether you are active, artistic, or maybe just trying to bring a little humour to the situation, there are hundreds upon thousands of ways to make your question truly pop! Here are a few tips and pointers on how to make your proposal something truly meaningful and memorable:

  • Propose somewhere that has significant meaning to BOTH of you. A traditional dinner is fine and dandy, but a special spot holds emotional meaning
  • Incorporate some sort of game, activity, or hobby that is of interest to both of you
  • Nervous about popping the question? Why not get creative by having the question physically present itself
    •  Pumpkin carvings, illuminated paper bags, cakes, banners, etc.
    • Place the ring somewhere that she frequents on a daily basis. Getting ready for work in the morning? Nothing says surprise! Like opening the bathroom cupboard to find a little velvet box waiting inside.

For those wrapped up in nature…


The seasonally spirited…


For those who like to indulge…


And even the gamers!


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Happy Planning 🙂