How to Make Your Proposal Truly POP!

Jan 09, 2014
Susan R.

Now that we know the rules and guidelines to use for a successful marriage proposal, what’s next? Along side your wedding day, the moment you pop the question to your loved one will be a day you both cherish and remember always. So think big! You can do research online… ok sure, but how do you go about making this proposal about HER. While wedding magazines and Internet blogs are a great start, take what has already been done and cater it towards what appeals to your special lady. Here are a few clever ways on how to make your proposal truly POP!

  1. Identify her habits. What does she do on a daily basis, and how can you pop the question in a way that will make her routine seem exceptionally special? Simple little ideas like bringing her a cup of coffee or teaspoon with “Will you marry me?” is a subtle, yet charming approach.


2. Know her daily routes. Why not surprise your loved one on their way into work? Position a subtle construction sign or go big with a billboard to kick start her day!


3. Premeditate the situation. Does she have a favourite snack that she enjoys after a long day at work? What a pleasant surprise it will be to open the freezer to your favourite ice cream with a sweet memo inside!


4. What are her hobbies and interests? Take a unique spin on an activity that she enjoys, or perhaps you share together. Whether it’s fishing, or your love for Harry Potter films, there is something that can be personalized for every couple.


5. Majority of proposals occur over a romantic dinner, which is fine… but you are no ordinary couple! Whether it’s a ring inside an elegant chocolate truffle at a 5 star restaurant, or a ring inside a fortune cookie – the thought of food and romance is both enticing and endearing.


Happy Planning 🙂