I have a Pinterest board…now what?

May 02, 2013
Susan R.

One of the first things a bride will do is to get a Pinterest board. And to be honest a lot of us (ahem, including me) have wedding boards even though we are not getting married soon. But then the question comes: what happens after creating a Pinterest board? What are the next steps in the planning process?


1. Develop a theme
Once you have a Pinterest board, look through it again and try to piece together a theme. It doesn’t need to be a theme like 1920s or rustic French; it could be colours like grey and yellow. Then everything else (venue, catering, décor) will just flow easily because you will have your focus.

2. Create a budget
After creating your board and sharing it with your beau, sit down and create a budget that you both feel comfortable with. Take into account the number of guests, the month of your wedding date (high season vs. low season), destination or local wedding, and of course your salaries.

3. Choose a venue


The next step is to research venues that fit your theme and budget. Venue, along with catering, will be one of the biggest expenses for your wedding. So it is important to choose it carefully. We recommend booking your wedding venue ASAP because popular sites are booked up years in advance. Go to the venue and do a site inspection. Make sure to ask what is included in the price and what is not; do they have preferred vendors; do they have packages?

4. Find a photographer
Like your venue, photographers get booked really quickly, especially the good ones. When looking for a photographer, find one that understands your theme and personalities. Look through his/her portfolio and see if his/her style is suitable with your wedding’s style.

So, if everything above sounds super overwhelming you can just scratch that and hire a wedding coordinator! What a wedding planner does is guide you through every step, help you secure vendors and making sure everything is done accordingly. Here at Beyoutiful Beginnings we take the stress off from you and make this planning process a more enjoyable one! After all, this is your day and it will be an honour to be a part of possibly the best day of your life!

Happy Planning 🙂