I said yes to the dress…or did I?

Nov 06, 2013
Susan R.

So it’s 6-9 months before your wedding, and you just said yes to the dress. You are now a few months away from your wedding and you are second guessing your dress. Guess what, you are not alone! This is completely normal; in fact it’s expected to face buyer’s remorse.


Start off by asking yourself, “why am I second guessing myself now?” In most cases, it’s because it’s been quite some time since you’ve seen your dress, and you’ve been seeing other dresses along the way. Once you purchase your dress, do yourself a favour and stop looking through dress magazines – you’ll only start to compare yours and start stressing!

When you purchased your dress, did you try it on with everything? The veil, jewelry, shoes, etc.? It’s hard to imagine how you will look on your big day until you try everything on. That’s when everything will come together and you can see your overall image.

After speaking to many brides, what I’ve found is that a lot of them fear that they have bought their dress too early.  Throughout the year they’ll go to other weddings and compare their dress to other brides. STOP comparing! Remember the initial gut feeling you had when you said yes, keep that in mind at all times. You picked your dress for a reason, and regardless you will look fab!


Starting to feel better yet? Remember, every bride goes through this. If you try on your dress again and you absolutely hate it, you can always have things fixed or added to it.

Happy Planning 🙂