Is Bora Bora Your Ultimate Wedding Destination?

Feb 21, 2013
Susan R.

Are you a fan of the Amazing Race? Did you watch this week’s episode taking place in Bora Bora? Well, if you are like me and watched it and now thinking of having a wedding in Bora Bora…you have come to the right place! Listed below you’ll find the costs, and pros and cons of Bora Bora as a wedding destination.


Bora Bora is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, in French Polynesia to be exact. It is internationally known for their luxury resorts and pristine beaches, which attracts thousands of tourists every year.


  • The main languages are French and Tahitian, although many speak English since it is a popular tourist spot
  • Traditional Polynesian weddings became legal and recognized in North America in 2010
  • The process of obtaining all the documents and paperwork can last between 3-5 months, so plan ahead!
  • Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport is about 12 hours from Toronto, often stopping in Los Angeles
  • For more information about eligibility and requirements for a wedding visit this website:



  • A flight from anywhere in Southern Ontario to Bora Bora costs around $3000
  • Average wedding packages range from $4000-$15000 and include hotel accommodations, transportation, videographer and more 



  • Many of the resorts throughout the islands have wedding chapels so you do not have to worry about transportation
  • Bora Bora is famous for their bungalows situated above water, which creates a surreal experience. So if this sounds like your dream wedding then Bora Bora is definitely an option to consider!
  • If you like the outdoors, Bora Bora offers many activities such as snorkelling, diving, Jet Ski tours, jeep tours and much more!
  • You can just stay here for your honeymoon too. And maybe visit other islands in French Polynesia while soaking up the sun
  • The climate is considered to be tropical, so whether your wedding is during the wet or dry seasons, you can rest assure there will be plenty of sunshine year round!


  • It is expensive. If you are on a budget, Bora Bora may not be your first option
  • Think about your guests too. Even if you can afford a wedding there that doesn’t mean your guests can
  • In general, wedding destinations take longer to plan because of the paperwork. So if you are in a rush to get married you should look into other options


If you have money to splurge why not get married in Bora Bora? Just looking at these pictures you know how amazing Bora Bora can be. But if you are on a budget you might consider other sunny destinations such as the Caribbean and Central America. And just because you can’t afford to go to Bora Bora doesn’t mean we can’t bring Bora Bora to YOU! With the right décor we can recreate this ambiance for your wedding! Talk to us!

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We want to thank Ben Duluc for his amazing and breathtaking photographs. You can find more about his work here:

Happy Planning 🙂