Meet Sabita & Shawn

Dec 14, 2011
Susan R.

Meet Sabita and Shawn, the happy newlyweds! This was one amazing couple that I loved working with from start to finish. Sabita and Shawn are high school sweethearts and have been together for just over 9 years.

Last December, Shawn took Sabita back to one of their favourite spots and popped the question, where she immediately said yes! I must say that this was one wedding I truly enjoyed doing. I know it sounds weird, but I love the stress of planning a wedding-it’s good stress. And the perfect example of this is from Shawn and Sabita’s wedding. Eliminating the stress from the couple AND their families was extremely important to me. When I saw how stressed some of the family members were, I knew I had to do something to alleviate it. I knew that some of the stress was gone once I saw the bride’s mother take a deep breath and had a huge smile as she looked at her beautiful daughter.  This was a 4 day wedding and things can become extremely hectic and stressful. As part of my duties, I was there for each day ensuring everyone had what they needed and helped wherever possible.  From the minute the couple was engaged the wedding planning started. We had weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions that I believe brought both the families and the couple closer together. Watching these two sit there and brainstorm ideas made me realize how important the planning process is. Some grooms would prefer to have their brides do everything, but this wasn’t the case. Shawn had his input and they were both able to compromise. The families came together to ensure everything would go smoothly. Before we knew it, the wedding was here and it was show time!

Shawn and Sabita already had a few ideas in mind, so taking those ideas I set up meetings with key vendors in order to find a perfect fit for them. Because I was able to do this for them, it alleviated the time and stress from them and they were able to actually enjoy the planning process. Often times I find that the bride and groom get so consumed with the planning that when the day comes, they just want it to be over and they, including their families don’t even get to enjoy the day.

This wedding was completely out-of-the-box and represented a mixture of both traditional and modern elements. On Day 1 and 2, both Shawn and Sabita had their “Sangeet” and “Mendhi” nights, which are nights filled with food, singing, dancing, and non-stop laughter. On Day 3, the couple had a traditional Sikh ceremony. Sabita was a gorgeous bride and blew everyone away, including her groom, the minute she walked in.

Now, their reception took weddings to a whole new level. Taking place at Verdi Banquet Hall, this reception left guests speechless. After various theme considerations, Shawn came up with the brilliant idea of having a Phantom of the Opera themed wedding mixed with Old Hollywood.

As guests entered, their pictures were taken on the famous Red Carpet with a “Sabita and Shawn” media banner behind them. As soon as they entered the main hall, they were faced with an 80ft gorgeous curtain divider that they could walk through. This created a special effect-the minute guests walked through the curtains they were embraced by the stunning backdrop and decor done by Ricky from Diya Decor. One word-AMAZING. The backdrop tied in with the Phantom of the Opera theme and featured shades of red, gold, and chocolate brown with mini water fountains, trees draped with crystals, an abundance of candles, and of course to be different-Shawn and Sabita’s very own Old Hollywood style couch. The centre pieces, designed by Ameeta from Flowers-and-Cakes were elegant brown twigs with gold and red roses.

To go along with the theme, the bridal party entered the reception representing the Phantom of the Opera, with the groomsmen wearing phantom masks, as well as holding candles. A chandelier breaking sound effect was also used for the bride and groom’s entrance.

As the party went on, guests were entertained by many performers-SGPD’s House of Bhangra, the groom’s cousin, and my team (yes I plan weddings and dance!).

The party continued until 3am as guests danced the night away with one of the best DJs in Ontario-Nspire Sound, which featured their one-of-a-kind lighting show!

This wedding was a huge success and I could not have done it without the help of my lovely assistants, Shaena Singh and Brandon Ramnansingh. As well, our wonderful team of photographers and videographers-Paul Nelson was there with us from the engagement all the way to the end and did a phenomenal job. Dal, from Art of Video did an amazing job on covering the entire wedding-both highly recommended!

Vendor Credits:

Venue: Verdi Banquet Hall
Bridal Hair: Sylvia Dekermejian
Bridal Makeup: Mariana Costa
Bridal Party Makeup & Hair: Le Glam Box
Flowers: Flowers and Cakes (Ameeta Sian)
Videographer:  Art of Video
Photographer: Paul Nelson Images
Music: Nspire Sound
Decor: Diya Decor
Wedding Cake: The Confectionista
Limousine: Red Star Limo Inc