Naked Cakes!

Feb 25, 2014
Susan R.

What’s one thing we all love sampling during wedding planning? Cake! For some, choosing a cake is a big decision with all of the endless options out there. One of the biggest trends this year are naked cakes!

How are naked cakes different than regular cakes? Well, they aren’t covered in icing or fondant. They are simply, naked.

These cakes look absolutely gorgeous when created correctly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you decide to go with a naked cake:

  • Fillings and Flavours – If you were getting a regular cake, the fillings and flavours wouldn’t matter as much. However, because you can actually see the insides of the cake, choose your fillings and flavours wisely, as this will determine what your cake will look like.


  • Great DIY Project – If you are a DIY bride, or have a family member that wants to make your cake, then naked is the way to go since these cakes just consist of filling and garnishes! The key for making naked cakes is ensuring that the edges of the cake are smooth. The cleaner the edges are, the more appealing your cake will look.


Paige Reaux Photography

  • Consider Your Delivery Time – Because these cakes are not covered in icing, they will dry out faster. Try to get your cake delivered closer to your start time and cut it earlier rather than later to be served.


Rachel Whyte

  • Garnishing – Fresh fruits and flowers are great options for garnishing naked cakes and add to the “natural” feel. 


Happy Planning 🙂