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Social Media Strategist, Assistant Coordinator

Aalia is a passionately creative individual that is driven by helping others bring their dreams and visions to life. She is currently undergoing her bachelor of commerce degree at Humber College specializing in marketing with aspirations to use her learnings to excel within the wedding & special events industry. With that being said, she has recently joined the BB team and has been working within the industry for almost a year now, sharpening her professional creativity, and interpersonal skills to be able to successfully execute clients’ dream weddings and events. She is also a part time nail technician that loves to channel her creative artistry and innovations through her nail work on @LuxeByLia_, a platform she uses to showcase her work and empower women to be their true authentic selves.

Behind the Scenes with AAlia: Life on #TeamBB

It’s always a priceless feeling to see everything that we’ve planned and worked so hard on come together to create amazing outcomes, alongside the reactions of our clients’ love and appreciation for our production of bringing their visions to life! #TeamBB is a strong group of authentic, creative, and independent women who never fail to make working any event/wedding a truly enjoyable and lively experience – there is no other job and team that could compare to that!

Aalia is an explorer at heart! If she is not working she is most likely on the road to a new adventure whether that is feeding herself with the joy of new foods, traveling and exploring new places in and out of Ontario, or engaging in new experiences either through experimenting with activities or meeting new people. If you are just as much as an explorer yourself you just might have found yourself a new friend!

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