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Lead Assistant Coordinator

Regina is a kind-hearted, friendly, outgoing mother who always works her hardest to make the best life for her and her family. She grew up watching Bollywood movies and always enjoyed the glitz, glam and especially the romance in the movies. Regina would go out of her way to make her loved ones feel cherished, important and happy, which is why becoming a part of the Beyoutiful Beginnings team was an easy fit to be able to help make dreams come true.

Behind the Scenes with Regina: Life on #TeamBB

The ‘Wow factor’! Regina loves the reaction of the bride and groom and seeing the months of planning all come together on the wedding day. She loves taking care of the details to ensure everything is perfect on the tables, the candles are lit, and everyone is where they are supposed to be at any given time! Taking care of the guests, bridal party and most of all making sure the bride and groom are in complete awe and their hearts are content is what makes it all worth it.

 She is passionate about being one’s best self and always putting one’s best foot forward in order to be rewarded with all things filled with love and happiness. She lives by the words “remember to always put a smile on and stay positive no matter what comes your way”!

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Susan Ramroop
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